• In 2012, 500 transactio employees across three locations, processed tasks on behalf of 41 clients with a turnover volume of 23 Million Euros. transactio successfully provided customers with high quality workflows at favorable prices.
  • transactio achieved high user acceptance among clients’ staff and customers thanks to Alfresco Workdesk’s intuitive user interface.
  • Reduced mail delivery and processing times led to a significant increase in productivity and customer satisfaction, along with a reduction in overall processing costs.
  • transcatio has achieved critical user acceptance because of Alfresco Workdesk’s flexible configuration options. Workdesk allows for the creation of workflow templates, which can be easily configured and delivered in context to clients and transactio staff based on their respective user roles.


transactio is a leading outsourcing service provider for transactional banking. It provides its customers with complete back-office services including invoice processing and the digitization and archiving of receipts and documents.

Originally, transactio used IBM FileNet eForms for creating and handling business processes and workflows. Implementing a single workflow step with this rigid processor required considerable development effort. Even minor adaptations required a remarkable amount of work and could only cover a single use case. Accordingly, the acceptance of the system among employees was low.


Alfresco Workdesk allows transactio to create and maintain workflows for their customers in a very efficient and flexible way. Alfresco Workdesk enables transactio clients to deliver significantly shorter mail delivery and processing times. Furthermore, transactio clients have achieved increased productivity and customer satisfaction as well as a significant reduction in processing costs.

transactio’s employees and clients enjoy the intuitive usability of Alfresco Workdesk, which requires minimal instruction or training. Alfresco Workdesk’s fine-grained, rights-and-business-roles concept allows every user group — whether employees or clients — secure access to tailored applications and workflows. When developing a process flow, no one except the administrator needs a technical view. Users only access the structured business views and interfaces that directly apply to their specific tasks.

All client applications are organized on an ECM platform that is provided, centrally-maintained and continuously extended by transactio. Users can access applications via any modern browser, thereby eliminating the need to install applications on the clients’ local computers. Centralized, remote access eliminates roll-out problems and clients gain immediate access to applications upon launch. Additionally, the familiar look and feel of Alfresco Workdesk’s user interface increases users’ acceptance of new applications.

Using Workdesk, transactio optimized clients’ business processes; providing faster, more efficient and therefore less expensive processing. Process quality has become more measurable, and, subsequently, personnel capacity requirements can be more effectively planned. Since process-related data is automatically fed into invoicing, rendered services are billed more effectively.

Furthermore, the previously high implementation effort required by transactio’s workflow system was alleviated with Alfresco Workdesk, which uses standard development and processing tools.

What’s Next

Alfresco Workdesk gives transactio the flexibility to support a continuously growing operational environment. New workflows and workflow variants can be constructed and adapted to transactio clients’ needs easily. Hence Alfresco Workdesk paves the road to the growth of transactio’s future business.