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University of Tabuk Customer Story

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Founded in 2006, Tabuk University is one of the largest, private universities in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with around 40,000 students. Its academic programs are organized into 12 faculties with 25 specialties.



Tabuk University (“The University”) has an ERP system which does not offer business process management functionality. The ERP system serves as a repository for storing and archiving all information pertaining to the University. All processes are still paper based with no way track the progress or save the process itself in a system for review later.

  • The University embarked on a project with the main objective to eliminate the manual paper based processes, and to implement a solution with the following capabilities:
  • Completely automate business processes with the ability to integrate the solution with enterprise applications (like the existing Oracle ERP system and Forms).
  • Offer intelligent, auto-fill forms to reduce errors of omission or inaccurate data entry.
  • Provide real time feedback about the status of processes.
  • Full security solution across all application components.
  • Integrated digital signature solution which is accepted by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Government.

Once the capabilities were established, they were well on their way to developing a modern and transformative solution. 



When the University launched the project, they consulted with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of best consulting firms for business process management and improvement firms. 
PwC started analyzing the manual, paper-based processes in the 20 departments in the University and building a report of the current state of the business operations. Once they completed that analysis, they begin drafting suggestions for improving business operations and developed a Future State Business Manual with over 200 improved business processes.
After completing the consultation with the PwC team, the University engaged with a local systems integrator, SmartWay, to analyze and interpret the findings presented by PwC. The SmartWay team began developing frameworks and project plans for executing on the suggestions received. 

SmartWay evaluated the best options for the University to modernize and transform their business processes, and recommend that the University build their own, custom solution based on open source tools and frameworks to cover all of their needs.
SmartWay designed and developed a solution called, Case Framework, that is built based on the Alfresco One platform with the embedded Alfresco Activiti engine. The solution also incorporated Spring Framework, Central Authentication Service ‘CAS’ and an API Manager.

The Case Framework solutions provides the University with the capabilities to: 

  • Track any business process with all related documents and information in one central location.
  • Work inside a secure solution
  • Offer end users a Single Sign On (SSO) experience using CAS for a seamless integration with LDAP or Active Directory.
  • Alfresco Content Repository integrated with Case using CMIS Services.
  • Automatic notification and survey system.
  • Leverage built-in user interface components to support case tracking and viewing.
  • Embedded business process management engine for workflows, which support BPMN 2.0.
  • Fully Arabization support.
  • Centralized components for all integrations that supports REST and SOAP Web Services.



Using the modern and automated solution, the University now has the ability to compete with other higher education providers in the region due to the following results:

  1. Cost Savings – Case Framework solution has lowered overall technology and operations cost 
  2. Flexibility – End users have full control to customize the solution to grow to meet ever-changing business needs.
  3. Security – All applications and documents stored are secure using Spring Framework Security.
  4. Single Sign On (SSO) – Easy access for end users to access the solution driving adoption across the University.
  5. Speed - Very easy and fast to spin up a new process.