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Wesley Institute Customer Story

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  • Improved user experience
  • Vast enhancement of operational efficiency, workflow and accuracy
  • A repository used as an educational content bank
  • Less archival waste in its systems
  • Cleaner interface for users that is administratively more efficient
  • Simpler to upload new document uploads than former Equella system
  • Time taken to add four common documents across 42 units has dropped from a day and a half to just 12 minutes
  • Greater accuracy and higher quality information management means that no students receive outdated information
  • Better filing management from ease of moving a large number of documents across multiple units.

Wesley Institute

Founded in 1983, Wesley Institute was Australia's first Christian arts college. Providing outstanding opportunities for academic, artistic, professional and spiritual development in a supportive, creative and collaborative learning environment, it offers university-level degrees in dance, drama, graphic design, music, education, leadership, applied ethics and counseling. Through excellence in Christian higher education, Wesley Institute seeks to benefit the community as it equips people for both Christian life and leadership in a range of influential vocations.

Business challenge

Faced with a questionable return on technology investment in late 2011, Wesley Institute reviewed the way it was storing learning content. Its Equella learning content management system was severely under utilised. Despite the College's best efforts to increase uptake, the complicated user interface coupled with the operating costs of adding materials through the learning management system, meant that Equella was no longer a viable platform.


Following a competitive review of leading content management solutions against its wish list of functionality, Wesley Institute migrated from the Equella learning content management system to Alfresco Enterprise. The College was particularly attracted to the simpler user interface with previewing capabilities along with the ability to set up drives that would map content and automatically convert content to PDF format.

The project was designed and delivered by Alfresco partner, Androgogic who worked together with Wesley Institute on the installation, configuration, data migration and development of the Moodle learning management system integration with Alfresco. As part of the installation and scripted data migration, Androgogic helped Wesley Institute customise and configure the metadata.

Less than six months after the Alfresco system went into production, all of Wesley Institute's content had been successfully migrated and the new platform was having an immediate impact. The volume of content was significant too. The College had common documents such as study guide manuals, feedback forms and style guides to add across 42 units. Previously, this had taken a day and a half. In Alfresco, it took just 12 minutes.

"Thanks to Androgogic's expertise and experience, the integration process ran smoothly," said Will Gardner, Assistant Head of Education, School of Education, Wesley Institute. "Even beyond the obvious time efficiency benefits, it's incredibly gratifying just to know that we are now able to deliver a higher quality product to our end users," concludes Gardner.

“Students are excited that it’s now even easier for them to learn and our staff are happy because they can achieve more in just a fraction of the time — everyone loves a reduced workload!”

— Will Gardner, Assistant Head of Education, School of Education for Wesley Institute