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WWF- UK Creates Central Content Repository of Over One Million Documents with Alfresco

WWF is a global not-for-profit organization with the mission to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. WWF-UK is the UK arm of the organization, with 320 staff members leading fundraising and performing wildlife and conservation projects around the world.


For WWF-UK information is the currency that flows through donors, partners and employees working on projects in the field all over the globe.

With three regional offices in England, Scotland and Wales, WWF-UK needed a more flexible and accessible way for its staff to save content, connect and share ideas.

Before Alfresco, employees were saving information in multiple places, from numerous shared drives and personal desktops, to plug-in hard drives and external clouds. Essentially, the company needed a single repository for all of its content so that employees could effectively collaborate, easily discover and reuse assets as well as create a proper information governance strategy so when employees moved on there wasn’t any risk of losing intellectual property.

“From an informational management standpoint, it wasn’t great,” said Janice Reid, Information Manager. “Users were saving information in 101 different places. We really needed everyone to start using the same system.”


After evaluating other solutions including Microsoft SharePoint, WWF-UK chose Alfresco One as its enterprise content management platform based on its open architecture and ease of use. The company started with Alfresco in 2010, but with an office relocation, various projects and changes in personnel, it made user adoption very challenging.

In 2014, the company upgraded to the latest release of Alfresco One, rebranded the platform, and worked closely with partner Ixxus, also based in the UK, to migrate all of its content to Alfresco. Six weeks of weekly training workshops were held for employees, teaching users the benefits of Alfresco and encouraging them to start creating all new documents within Alfresco from 1st May 2015.

“Everyone is now using Alfresco at WWF-UK with just the Wales office to migrate their content by the end of the summer,” said Reid. “Change management was key and Ixxus has been fantastic and so supportive in helping to drive our success.” 


Today, WWF-UK has migrated over one terabyte of content – close to two million documents and content assets – to Alfresco.

As a result, WWF-UK’s business functions are able to work in a way that is more efficient, integrated and collaborative.

“We are a creative, visual company with our teams producing fantastic, brilliant content,” said Reid. “We don’t want to hinder their creativity, however, it is important to ensure that the corporate memory of the organization is retained by centralizing our documents. Sites have been made accessible to all, enabling better collaboration and sharing of content both internally and externally. 


Today, WWF-UK is primarily using Alfresco as an enterprise-wide content repository. Once all of its content has been migrated to Alfresco, the company plans to capitalize on some of Alfresco’s other features and functionality including its meta data features, task and workflow capabilities and records management.

“We’ve still got some way to go, but we now have a central repository for all our documents, hence a great foundation for building our Information Management practices for WWF-UK in the future,” said Reid. 


"All of our content is in one place and all employees are using the platform. I have really grown to love Alfresco. I think it’s brilliant!"

– Janice Reid, Information Manager, WWF-UK

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