Alfresco Certified Technologies — Extending Alfresco

The Alfresco Certified Technology initiative promotes complementary software products that extend or integrate with Alfresco. Certified Technologies must comply with a defined set of industry-accepted and Alfresco-specific technical standards.

Customer Benefits

Customers benefit by knowing that the certified technology they’ve selected has met Alfresco’s technical standards and is supported by a vendor.

Systems Integrator Benefits

Alfresco's System Integration partners benefit from a growing ecosystem of high quality Alfresco-compatible software and the ability to grow complete Alfresco Business Solutions for their customers. SI's also have the assurance that Certified Technologies have been validated against best practices and are compatible with customer-specific extensions and all versions of Alfresco on which they are certified.

How to Identify an Alfresco Certified Technology

Alfresco Certified Technologies are identified via one or more of the following badges, which appear on Alfresco web sites (the Solutions Showcase, the add-ons site, etc.) and may also be displayed on the technology partner’s web site.