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New Research Reveals Embracing a Platform Ecosystem is the Smart Way Forward

Date: June 12, 2018
Author: Julie McClure
Category:Digital Transformation

Welcome to Alfresco’s analyst round-up where we highlight independent industry analyst commentary.  This recurring round-up functions on analyst insight (and popular demand) so please let us know if you find value in the content by retweeting, sharing on LinkedIn or commenting on the post.

In this blog, we bring you a recent report written by Craig Wentworth, Principal Analyst with MWD Advisors.  This report serves as an evaluation of the Alfresco Digital Business Platform and includes benefits to our customers on platform-first, API-first development, and open source.  This evaluation focuses on the capabilities of the Alfresco Digital Business Platform that helps our customers come out on top in the digital transformation race.  I encourage you to take a look at some of the key benefits and takeaways outlined in the report below:

#1 It's all about the experience now

Delivering high-quality digital experiences requires that content or process management functionality, where it’s needed, is delivered via service capabilities rather than out-of-the-box applications. On top of that, organizations are increasingly looking to differentiate experiences by augmenting the resulting custom applications with specialized services that provide personalization, recommendations and more. Embracing a platform ecosystem is the smart way forward for Alfresco, and its Digital Business Platform is well positioned to provide an open, cloud-ready platform upon which to create those experiences.

#2 AI is cloud content's killer app

The concept of 'making content work for you' has evolved quickly from the nexus of process/case management use cases that Alfresco pitched when we first profiled the company’s offerings towards the end of 2015. Now, the use of AI and machine learning technologies to drive greater insight and value has effectively become the killer app for content processing in the cloud: there are myriad specialized services available as components in a platform ecosystem – all with the potential to help an organization effect a content-driven digital transformation of its services. Alfresco’s move to offer content and process services via a cloud-native, and ‘AWS-first’, Digital Business Platform therefore makes good sense – in terms of leveraging specialized third-party AI-based services; as well as providing richer and easier-to exploit integrations with the existing applications that employees already ‘live in.’

#3 A keen focus on developers and partners; growing an ecosystem

Alfresco is focusing on ‘time to value’ as a key metric when it comes to how it continues to develop and refine the developer experience with the Digital Business Platform. It’s looking to partners to build out the ecosystem of Alfresco-powered applications (as well as its own homegrown and customer projects) – which means developer-friendly environments (hence the focus on the Application Development Framework), and a commitment to enhancing the REST APIs and providing easier installation, configuration, administration, instrumentation and monitoring (at scale, for cloud deployments, utilizing developer-friendly AWS services).

To access the full report, you can download a copy of the MWD Alfresco's Digital Platform Play report here.  That’s all for this round-up, but stay tuned as there is more to come!


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