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Denver – Stadt und UmlandKreis Customer Story

The City and County of Denver Automate Business Processes and Improve Citizen Engagement with Alfresco Software


  • Extrapolated savings over 5 years, estimated at around 1.5 million dollars over 5 years
  • Improved More efficient citizenship
  • Shortened approval period for city contracts Times
  • Exchange of contract record system previous contract management system of Denver by Alfresco
  • Automate and simplify several business processes
  • Improved More efficient testing of city contracts and financial documents
  • Development of reusable web services
  • Flexible new workflow process enables flexible for administrations of documents permits


In the city (and the surrounding district) Denver more alsüber 600,000 people live. Thus occupied, the city thus to rank 21 of the largest cities of the United States stands. At the same time is Denver's employer for more than 10,000 people and has a budget of 1 billion US dollars. As in many other cities, the IT services were previously organized federally in more than 70 independent agencies in Denver, where which meant that there were 14 different document management systems with no common interface.

In 2005, a central IT group, the mayor convened under the name "Technology Services Group" together; one to a unified strategy should aufzu for the city to be created so as to en, thereby bringing the IT costs under control. should be monitored. The group soon realized that a consolidation on a document management system was needed that solltewürde form the basis for many document-based business processes and applications. The focus of the first, the Technology Services Group devoted directed first at Denver's contract management system. the contract system of record from Denver, here were where all contracts of the city and and related financial documents were stored. The system was outdated, had complicated search functions, difficult to browse, it had safety deficiencies on and had to be rebooted every night.

Due to increasing tax burden on the city technology investments had to be strategic and cost effective effectively planned. The technology should be easy in PeopleSoft and Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) can be integrated based on open standards and robust, scalable and easy to implement. The city decided to use Alfresco Enterprise Content Management.


2009 Denver turned to a local technology company, and the Alfresco Platinum partner Zia Consulting. The partner was tasked to provide for assistance in the implementation and support for a new consolidated content management strategy. Together they developed a multi-step approach to implement the implementation of Alfresco. Even should and automated business processes to be automated, without leading to an interruption of municipal services.

Over a 15-month period worked two Zia advisor with the Technology Services Group, to install the Alfresco product to implement and with PeopleSoft and other critical applications on Oracle ESB to integrate base. The consultant worked in several phases of six to twelve weeks on the implementation of certain projects, the configuration of the systems, the design of workflows and user interfaces; they developed new web services and carried out prior to the application tests of new applications and ultimately the migration. Thanks to this approach, the IT team the city was able to regularly provide new services for employees, improving user adoption and incorporate user feedback with the other processes take into account user feedback.

Phase 1 consisted in the replacement of the outdated contract management system record system of the city of Denver by an Alfresco application for storage and management of already concluded contracts approved. The key to the success of the application is the integration with PeopleSoft, which allows city employees to seek contracts directly through the PeopleSoft application and enter and view the attached content metadata.

Next developed Denver managed easily using means of CMIS content management standards, easy to develop a web service for communication and the exchange of documents between Alfresco and PeopleSoft Financials. Within weeks, the city introduced a new integrated procurement process, of a beinhaltetumfasst the Content Repository Alfresco data storage for storing storage, logging and managing all retention policies for financial documents.

To streamline improvement of the civil commitment Zia called the Denver 311 service into life, can easily report non-emergencies such as potholes, dogs barking or graffiti or online and via on iPhone, iPad and iPod via the citizens. On the basis of pre-created Web services integrated Zia Alfresco applications in the call center of the city and withand in the city of the CRM technology CRM technology. In addition, they put on a metadata form that can be filled out online or via an iPhone or iPad application.

Due to the positive feedback on the new contract management system system of record, the city wanted to completely automate the process for requesting, approving and placing of contracts. These Denver sat a the Fresh Process-product of Zia, thus creating a bootstrap designed workflow in Alfresco structure, which could be directly integrated with PeopleSoft. Knowing Knowing that workflows can change rapidly or vary depending on the contract, Zia developed the flexible contract workflow without this darzustellten a burden on the Technology Services Group or the budget. Zia put to use the single sign-on feature of Alfresco Digital signatures in the application to make sure that every step in the process have the appropriate licenses available.

Conclusion Result

  • The city of Denver was immediate cost benefits from the use of the Alfresco solution brought the city Denver immediate cost savings by automating and optimizing recorded importantly, it allowed them to automate key business processes and optimize them.
  • The online and mobile available 311 application designed-enhanced citizen involvement efficiently and ensured that non-emergencies can be handled and resolved more quickly now.
  • StadtvVerträge the city are processed more quickly and without delay.
  • Employees can work more quickly, save time, as they now introducing a unified system is available provided that is safe and the audit testing meets entspricht.Anforderungen.

Next Steps

Denver plans to further automate business processes using Alfresco, PeopleSoft and Oracle ESB infrastructure. Zia plans, wants to use the technology of the 311 application, damitum to enable citizens and employees of the city, dieen licensing, monitoring and approval processes of the city online and can carry out my mobile device. Moreover, Zia will migrate the Documentum content in the Alfresco solution to consolidate the content management system of the city. helps Zia Denver in the further consolidation of its content management system by migrating to Documentum content in the Alfresco solution. DenverDie city estimates that it in the next 5 years 1.5 million US dollars can thus be saved, because through by performing a consolidation to a single content management system, which costs more, a number of licenses and Maintenance costs eliminated weürden. AlsEin further another upcoming project, the Human Services Case Management is planned for the scan and fax technology to be integrated by Ephesoft.

"Zia Consulting ist ein echter Partner im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes! ZiaSie haben uns dabei geholfen, Technologien zu konsolidieren, wichtige Geschäftsprozesse zu automatisieren und mithilfe von Technologien einen besseren Dialog mit unseren Bürgern aufzubauen. Sie erzielten schnell Kkosteneffektive Ergebnisse wurden zügig erzielt, die einen echten Mehrwert für Denver darstellen. Mit Alfresco konnten wir Geschäftsprozesse automatisieren und neue Anwendungen für unseren Benutzern neue Anwendungen zur Verfügung bereitstellen, um die Dienstleistungen der Stadt zu optimieren. Zia und Alfresco haben sich als gewinnbringende Kombination für die Stadt erwiesen.“

– Chuck Fredrick, CIO, City of Denver