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Grupo Eulen Customer Story

Grupo EULEN incorporates Alfresco: an effective single management platform for an almost unmanageable volume of documents

The corporate group of owls is a family business in completely Spanish hands. Founded in 1962 in Bilbao and is now one of the leading providers of services. In particular, Grupo OWLS, specializing in the areas of building cleaning, private security services, ancillary services (eg logistics and telemarketing), services in the social, medical and janitorial, maintenance and disposal services. 2010 the company generated group thus a profit of over 1.3 billion euros.

In recent years, the group recorded a huge increase in the number of employees and now employs over 82,200 staff. Thus Grupo OWL is one of the most important employers in Spain and employs more than two out of 1000 persons in employment in Spain.

Since 1997, Grupo Eulen is also active internationally and in Spain, Portugal, the United States and seven Latin American countries (Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Peru and the Dominican Republic) is thus now represented.

Starting situation

Grupo OWL has every day to deal with a plethora of documents. Since human resources management is one of the main fields of the company, large quantities of documents on to employment. For this reason, a document management platform for OWL and its smooth operation was essential.

Every year created approximately 150,000 contracts in companies placing each between seven and 12 other documents with them. All these documents have a fixed life cycle. This requires a very special type of document management.

However, the biggest challenge is the management of documents, leading the company for each employee. For each of the 82,000 employees Grupo OWL conducts its own record with between 30 and 50 different documents (contracts, CVs, training and development documents, personal documents, pay stubs, etc.), which must be updated every year - both on paper and digitally. Based on these figures it seems almost impossible to manage such volumes of documents without an effective management platform.

In addition, falling within the company numerous other documents (internal memos, investment statements, regulations, instructions, etc.) which also play an important role for the company.

"Until now we had no document management platform. Alfresco was mainly due to its performance and its price clearly the solution of our choice," explains Diana Ruiz Hidalgo of the IT department of owls. "In mid-2011 we have therefore set the project in motion . "

Given the large volume of documents and the fact that some of them already had up to 50 years old, is Grupo OWLS went in search of an effective, flexible and secure solution for their document management.

The objectives were it obvious: a company-wide unified platform, developing a paperless company, simpler search for specific data, access to all corporate offices in Spain and abroad, and last but not least time and therefore cost savings.

Due to the vast scope of the project we decided to use a two-phase approach. The first phase has already been completed and referred to the management of all business data. First, a model documentation was created to provide a standard for document management to ensure that all data could be ordered by a single model using Alfresco. With Alfresco could then certain rules formulated and complex modules to be created to manage the document lifecycle. Technologically although more was possible, but decided due to the huge scale of the project going for a more cautious solution and began with simpler workflows.

"The first goal in the implementation was to define the whole reporting structure between the global offices of owls and the corporate office. As a result, we no longer had to send by mail or e-mail documents. This was something many departments wished again and again. This project was not very complex in terms of functionality, but very significant in terms of the scope documents, "said Ruiz Hidalgo.

Currently, Grupo OWL is in the second phase of the project, in which, inter alia, all employee-related documents are to be integrated into a management system. Based on the experiences from the first phase builds Grupo OWLS here on the already carried out work in and all employees will document convert virtual files and installing more complex workflows in the system. In this second phase, a process for digital signatures also to be introduced.


As Document Platform Alfresco is the solution that provides the greatest added value for Grupo OWL. Grupo OWL is convinced that the document management solution of Alfresco still offers many more features and capabilities that can be analyzed and applied after careful planning of all requirements and successful decision-making.

"Three points, for which the system provides a solution were the companies of particular importance: the integration of users around the world, the fast and secure access to data and documents, and the faster availability of documents," explains Diana Ruiz Hidalgo "moment. is used in the company's new Alfresco of about 100 people. "

The Grupo OWL is also clear that one of the great advantages of Alfresco is the opportunity for innovation in the integration of functions. Therefore, the company does not consider it useful to use the open source architecture of Alfresco and reprogram the solution independently and adapt to your own requirements. For what is successful today, not necessarily even in the long run be the best solution. Instead OWL wants to implement future upgrades of Alfresco and always keep the architecture to date. The only way to guarantee long-term success.

"All business processes produce a variety of documents. For us as a service company, this is especially the case. We want Alfresco is the platform on which eventually all of these documents can be found," they say in OWL.

„Bislang hatten wir keine Dokumentenmanagement- Plattform. Alfresco war vor allem aufgrund seiner Leistungen und seines Preises ganz klar die Lösung unserer Wahl. Mitte 2011 haben wir das Projekt daher in Gang gesetzt."
—Diana Ruiz Hidalgo von der IT-Abteilung von EULEN