Formtek Auditing Extension

Solution Name: 
Formtek Auditing Extension
Works with Alfresco: 
5.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.0, 3.4

For many organizations, capturing and reporting on the complete transactional history of a document or folder is a critical auditing function.

The Formtek Auditing Extension provides a complete audit log for every file and folder within Alfresco®. The Extension is integrated within the Alfresco Share interface and, when selected, displays the audit log for a file or folder, including the action performed, the date and time the action occurred, and the user that performed the action

  • Captures standard Alfresco transactions such as Create, Edit Metadata, Update Properties, Checkout, Download, Upload New Version, Move to, Copy to, Manage Permissions, Manage Aspects, Delete Document, and more
  • Captures transactions related to the Formtek EDM Module, if installed
  • Captures transactions related to the Formtek File Linking Extension and Formtek Peer Association Extension, if installed
  • Displays the following information when the Audit History action is performed on a selected file or folder:
  • Action performed
  • Date and time the action occurred
  • User that performed the action
  • Optional details of the action
  • Installs via a JAR file and includes an installer and an uninstaller
Server running Linux or Windows operating system
Licensing Model: 
Chargeable. Both Subscription and Perpetual pricing available.
Version History: 
Support Option: 
Full support, including ongoing product maintenance and updates, provided by Formtek
Support Contact(s): 

Victor Malespina (sales) +1 904 829 9251

Ed Kay (services) +1 404 408 8151