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DeckShare is a simple website aimed at helping your users find the information they need quickly. The home page includes a featured content carousel, a recently added document list, and a document category tree. The category page shows only the presentations for a specific category and features a category tree browser. The category hierarchy can be managed by DeckShare administrators–no coding is required. The document details page, shown when an end-user clicks on a presentation, shows high-level metadata about the presentation, supporting files that accompany the presentation, related presentations, and a flash-based document preview. The flash-based preview allows end-users to browse the presentation without downloading the entire file.

DeckShare uses Web Quick Start as a foundation. It is built on concepts familiar to anyone who has built or managed a web site: A site consists of collections of assets that get categorized and tagged and then presented in various ways across one or more pages. Assets are stored in Alfresco’s Document Management repository and managed through the Alfresco Share User Interface. The look-and-feel of the end-user web site can be completely customized to match client branding needs. And, both the metadata model and category hierarchy can be extended to support specific client requirements.

Because DeckShare is built on Alfresco, it leverages some of the features of the underlying repository. For example, PDF renditions and thumbnails are automatically generated when content contributors upload the file to the repository. Workflow can be leveraged to review and approve presentations before they go live. The workflow can be customized to fit any business process.

  • Turnkey document sharing
  • Categorization of documents
  • Search functionality
  • Login not required for users
  • Document details includes metadata and Flash preview of the presentation
Alfresco Server
Alfresco Web Quick Start
Flash browser plug-in
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