Fred is a desktop window bringing Alfresco closer to the daily working environment of your end-users. For most commonly used document operations, we cut the time by 50% or more. It looks like Win7 Explorer and acts like Alfresco. You can drag & drop documents, emails and attachments in and out of Fred. Metadata can be added in no time. While searching for folders or documents, Fred supports sophisticated grouping and filtering.  Do much more in less time.



Join this webinar to view:

  • a live demo of Fred 2.1 including saved complex searches, uploading of folders from your desktop and many more new features
  • demonstration of incoming mail handling
  • combined demonstration: SAP – Alfresco - Fred.
  • an sneak preview on what is coming up in the future including a demo of
  • Virtual folders/alternative views based on metadata
  • Fred Off-Line Sync