SAP certified Integration (connexas)

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SAP certified Integration (connexas)
Works with Alfresco: 
4.1, 4.0, 3.4, 3.3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0


connexas (former CTAC-Connector) integrates Alfresco with SAP systems. It is an interface to the SAP ERP system based on SAP’s HTTP Content Server 6.20 interface (which it is certified by SAP) and supports SAP DMS and the SAP ArchiveLink archiving scenarios.

Additional scenarios are supported by using the SAP Java Connector: Data is exchanged bidirectional between SAP and Alfresco.

As partner of Alfresco and SAP pernexas offers all the necessary experience and knowhow for this integration. And we offer also a tool for migration of existing SAP connected archiving systems to Alfresco (via SAP).

connexas is running worldwide (EU, US, APAC) in many enterprises who are relying on the only SAP certified interface direct to Alfresco.

connexas provides the following functionalities:

  • Enables users to easily store, access and display documents in Alfresco from a variety of SAP modules like FI, SD, MM, CO, HR, PP or PM
  • connexas+ extends the SAP ArchiveLink information by additional metadata available in SAP and Alfresco (name, description, …)
  • Archives SAP documents, reports, and data through HTTP Content Server 6.20 certified interface in Alfresco
  • Links documents stored in Alfresco to a variety of SAP objects.
  • Offers Non-SAP users access to SAP-related documents and information
  • Supports SAP DMS and SAP Records Management connexas is an Alfresco module which is called via a web script from SAP HTTP Content Server 6.20.

For data exchange in addition to the SAP HTTP Content Server 6.20, connexas works closely together with the SAP Java Connector (JCo) and exchanges document related data like:

  • Document name
  • Description
  • Creator
  • SAP related object type
  • SAP related object number
  • SAP document type
  • Deletion date
  • Creation time

Additional data can be provided on a project base to communicate with remote enabled function modules within SAP to extract any information from SAP to Alfresco or to provide SAP with information entered in Alfresco.

We also offer a migration tool for existing ArchiveLink connected documents from other ECM systems (FileNet, OpenText, Documentum, …) to Alfresco.

So you get the full SAP solution from one vendor.


  • Product to connect SAP and Alfresco
  • Support of all SAP ArchiveLink scenarios and SAP DMS
  • Replicate data from SAP to Alfresco and vice versa
  • SAP Content Server 6.20 certified
  • Alfresco 4.x support
As connexas is deployed in Alfresco, no additional HW is needed
On SAP side only customizing is needed (for connexas+ SAP OSS Notes might have to be applied).
The only components being platform dependent are the provided C-Libraries for SAP Security Communication (Certificate), as of the time of writing the following operating systems are supported: Linux and Windows Server
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Connexas is commercially licensed software; pricing information is available at
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connexas 2.5
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Supported by Solution Provider
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