New regulatory requirements and enhanced oversight, combined with industry consolidation and restructuring, have pushed banks and others in the mortgage industry to look for solutions that can improve a wide range of business processes related to mortgage documents. And with the size of an average mortgage loan at over 500 pages, and hundreds of different document types, the labor intensive and costly methods of processing loans used in the past are no longer possible for banks and others that want to compete.   

Alfresco is the ideal content management technology for the modernization of mortgage processes, providing an open and flexible platform that meets the needs of enterprises for security and scalability.  During this webinar, we’ll present top strategies for financial institutions including:

  • Intelligent document capture solutions and strategies
  • Advanced workflow for content management
  • Efficiently managing documents and records in the cloud
  • Accessing and managing content on mobile devices

As Alfresco's Partner of the Year , Zia Consulting is focused on providing a wide range of IT Modernization solutions for the Mortgage Industry. Join Zia for this presentation covering specific uses cases and customer examples demonstrating how to leverage Alfresco and other technologies to modernize your mortgage processes.

Time: 1:00 PM EST