Join us for episode 65 of Tech Talk Live to learn more about reporting inside Alfresco. Many people want to report against the data in their Alfresco repository. Examples of questions that might be answered are: ‘what time did users access the system’, or, ‘which sites have Site Managers who are external to my org’, or ‘which sites have not been modified for 6 months or more’. Then, of course there are business-specific reports that have nothing to do with out-of-the-box Alfresco data.

There are many approaches to reporting against Alfresco. Community member Tjarda Peelen, who works for Alfresco partner Incentro, has created a new open source project called Alfresco Business Reporting which uses an open source reporting platform called Pentaho to create and run reports against data extracted from Alfresco. The resulting reports are stored back into Alfresco.

We'll look at a demo of the new project, dig into some coding examples, and find out from Tjarda what alternative approaches he explored before he settled on this one.