Mumbai, India

The New Enterprise requires a new approach.

The challenge of managing corporate content has never been greater. More than ever, employees are driving the corporate adoption of tablets, smartphones, BYOD, cloud services and mobile productivity apps. This is increasing the volume and variety of corporate content, whilst widening the distribution of that content. In short, changing the way your organisation does business.

Businesses need to securely collaborate with a range of business partners. But current on-premise technologies do not lend themselves to easily share key business documents. This is driving users to adopt consumer tools to enable them to get their work done. But this leaves companies vulnerable - what many are calling the 'Dropbox Problem' What is needed is a new approach to content management that provides an easy to use secure extranet.

Alfresco delivers the new Hybrid ECM.

Alfresco is able to connect people, content, systems and processes securely on both sides of the firewall, providing hybrid ECM capabilities from behind the firewall to the cloud - and then down to mobile devices.

Cloud is impacting organizations and changing the way IT delivers solutions to their users at a massive scale. However many organizations can't move everything to the Cloud today, or hit issues with their Cloud deployments. This event shows how Alfresco Hybrid ECM can bridge the gap between on-premise and Cloud and looks at the new solutions enabled by this architecture.

Who should attend?

  • Senior IT Professional
  • Java developer/Architect
  • Business Professional

All for document management & collaboration technologies for the organisation.

At this event Alfresco's Country Head of India, Vivek Pai, as well as other Alfresco technical and business experts will talk about how Alfresco Hybrid ECM can help solve your business critical content challenge. Most importantly, you will get to interact with and learn from peers who have real, hand-on experience with Alfresco and can help you see the possible benefits of Alfresco to your organization.