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Simplified and Easy Records Management

Many companies struggle to get user adoption of traditional records management solutions due to the fact that they do not support the way people want to work today. Users are looking for solutions that make it easy to collaborate with work colleagues and business partners in other companies. Fixed file plans, archaic systems and overly restrictive practices do not provide the agility that company's need in order to get work done.

Join this webinar and you will learn how the Alfresco Records management solution is designed to provide all of the controls and security needed by your company and provide unique features that help end user adoption, which include:

  • Declaring records anywhere - end users can declare records anywhere within Alfresco
  • Automatic declaration of records - Alfresco can pick up on user actions that can be used to automatically trigger the filing and declaring of documents
  • Intelligent file plans

Alfresco Records Management is easy and this webinar will show you how.

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