The future of content is unrestrained collaboration – do you have the right collaboration tools for business?

Free your enterprise content or employees will free it themselves!

As market conditions change and work evolves beyond the enterprise, collaboration – and collaboration tools for business - are growing more important than ever.

Statistics show that by 2015, the average business users’ connections are expected to double as users rely on communication and collaboration with other employees, as well as customers, to drive their business forward.

We asked 1,600 IT and business users around the world about their daily challenges with content and collaboration and how they are leveraging the extended enterprise to grow their business.

We wanted to know:

  • How big are business networks today?
  • What are the challenges and motivations for collaboration?
  • How are companies sharing documents and is it working?

The results proved what we have been hearing from our customers all along: business users are turning to cloud applications and their own document management tools– not in revolt against IT, but out of frustration because they don’t have a better alternative!

Download our newest eBook around these survey results to learn what users are saying about enterprise content and who they think should be in control.


For a sneak preview of the full eBooks, check out the infographics on SlideShare: