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Managing a Billion Object Repository

The content across organizations (private, public, government) continues to grow. Content is spinning out at an increasing rate with high-volume and high-velocity. Content can be in form of records, documents, blogs, media, files, web logs, social media feeds and more.

ECM solution with scalability and open architecture is required to manage unstructured data along with transactional structured data. A solution that could manage

  • About 500 million objects, and can easily grow to a billion
  • Ingests 20,000 objects/hour
  • Has a search throughput of indexing 500 documents every 2 second

Join Alfresco and CIGNEX Datamatics, as we showcase how to build a scalable repository which is capable of managing a billion objects for the enterprise. We would be sharing the implementation example of a public service enterprise followed by an interactive Q&A session


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