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Invisible Records Management - Simple + Smart

Human Resource professionals are faced with many challenges when it comes to managing and maintaining employee records.

  • Do you have an HR team who spend too much of their time keeping track of employee enquiries, searching for information, filing documents?
  • Do you have numerous paper and electronic records that need to be maintained for every employee for long periods of time?  

With increasingly tougher regulations governing the retention and disposition of employee records together with rising levels of employee turnover, HR professionals are finding it harder to keep records up to date.

However, what if you could remove some of the obstacles so that your HR team can do what matters most, focus on your employees?

Join this webinar to discover how Alfresco can help your HR team to get their work done more efficiently and effectively. 

Presenter: John Juerss, Alfresco

Duration: 30 minutes

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