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From Applications to Claims - Insurance Automation Solutions Powered by Alfresco

Across all segments of the insurance industry, from Life Insurance to Property & Casualty to Reinsurance, companies are facing increased competition driving the need to reduce costs and streamline business processes. At the same time, they are looking to enhance customer service and comply with a wide range of insurance-related regulations coming from all levels of the government.

Join Alfresco Partner of the Year, Zia Consulting, to learn about our experience providing document automation solutions powered by Alfresco to a wide range of organizations across the insurance industry, allowing us to create our Insurance Document Automation Solutions (IDAS). Whether you are looking to automate the New Life Insurance Application process or focused on Claims Automation, our solutions deliver Rapid ROI.

The Zia Insurance Document Automation System (IDAS) is built to work with your enterprise system, rather than the other way around, and features:

  • Smart Repository - with Alfresco as the "Content Hub" - collecting documents from customer uploads to email to paper. 
  • Smart Workflow - delivering business process automation from application to underwriting
  • Smart Capture - Advanced OCR for Classification & Extraction
  • Integration with your Insurance Management/Underwriting System (not replacing it)
  • Additional components may include:
  • Customer Self-Service Site/Portal
  • Records Management with Alfresco RM2.1
  • Zia OneView with BI/Reporting Integration for end-to-end analytics

The webinar will include specific case studies from Zia projects working with companies from Life Insurance, Property & Casualty Insurance, and Reinsurance industries.


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