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MiGile BPM Migration Service for Pega and MBPM

Accelerate solution migration from Pega or MBPM platforms to Alfresco Process Services

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  • MiGile Pega To Activiti

Solution Benefits:       

TechSophy’s MiGile BPM migration service offering enables customers to rapidly migrate their solutions to Alfresco Process Services.

MiGile dramatically reduces the time frames, costs and risks usually associated with migrating to another platform and enhances the quality of the solution on the new Alfresco platform.

This service offering is a combination of seasoned BPM specialists from our Center of Excellence and our advanced MiGile platform that automates the migration of most processes, rules, forms and user interface definitions from MBPM or Pega to the new Alfresco Activiti platform.

Any components that cannot be automatically migrated are tagged, reported and managed through the agile migration approach developed by TechSophy. A team of BPM platform experts complete the manual migration steps, along with the QA and life cycle management process.

This results in dramatic cost and time savings of 60 – 70% against conventional migration projects for customers. 

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MiGile Solution Brief

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Licensing Model:Customer require sufficient Alfresco Process Services licenses for the new solution – for production and non-production environments. There is no separate license fee for the MiGile service.
Access to existing MBPM or Pega development environment or solution repository
Language(s):Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish
Version History:Alfresco Process Services 1.6, 1.5.3
Support:Post migration solution support is available as an option

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