Build Your Mobile Content App with the Alfresco SDK Download

Content is critical to your mobile, content-centric application. You need more than just a file in a bucket—you need the full power of a content platform.

Alfresco is ready to provide content services to your web applications:

  • Store files, along with metadata about those files, in our multi-tenant, cloud-based repository
  • Retrieve automatically generated thumbnails of your office documents and images
  • Execute queries against both the full-text file content and metadata
  • Provide your users with social features such as ‘like’ and comments
  • Automatically trigger content transformations and workflows
  • Push content back into the enterprise through our hybrid sync

Leverage our content API from any language that speaks HTTP Alfresco in the cloud is built to be open:

  • Open source and open standards-friendly from day one
  • Native iOS and Android applications available as open source so they can be used as a starting point for your own custom content applications
  • Alfresco SDK downloads for both iOS and Android get you going quickly
  • API is based on CMIS, an important standard for interoperability in the ECM world
  • Transparency and lack of vendor lock-in are built in to the platform

Simple file storage is a dead-end road for today’s enterprise application developer. Storing your content in Alfresco keeps your options open. Register to be an Alfresco developer today!