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Digital transformation that makes your business flow


Innovative organizations like Cisco and NASA have a powerful tool to seamlessly connect people, processes and data.

We call it Digital Flow. It can help you effortlessly achieve strategic objectives, and innovate faster than ever. But to enter that flow state your business needs to embrace three critical philosophies: Design, Platform and Open Thinking. Discover what these are, and how they can help you, in 4 easy steps:

1. Watch our introductory webinar

2. Read our “how to” ebook

3. Watch our follow-up webinar

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Digital Transformation Webinar - 3 simple ideas that will change your business forever

As the co-founder of Alfresco, John Newton has helped thousands of organizations kick-start digital transformation. In this on-demand webinar, he’ll introduce Design, Platform and Open Thinking and show you examples of its success at businesses like Nike and GE..

Digital Transformation eBook

Digital Flow isn’t just a theory. It’s an ultimate, but achievable, state for any business. Our ebook takes you through digital transformation step by step. Learn how to implement the three types of thinking and give your organization a competitive edge.

Digital Transformation Webinar

On-demand webinar explains the final obstacles to that ultimate flow state

You know what Flow is. You know the steps you need to take to get there. Now learn what it can help you unleash. In this follow-up webinar, we explore the potential obstacles on your journey to digital transformation and how Design, Open & Platform thinking can help you overcome them.