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Alfresco eBook: How to Achieve Digital Flow in the Enterprise

Ready to achieve Digital Flow? Adjust your thinking for successful digital transformation

Could your organization benefit from faster innovation? Or new business models? How about more trusted relationships with clients?

Our new ebook shows you easy steps to get there through successful digital transformation.

The key to gaining an edge in today’s competitive digital world is Digital Flow. Transforming your organization is an ongoing process and you need the right mindset to keep innovating.

Here, Alfresco CTO and co-founder John Newton explains how Digital Flow needs 3 types of thinking:

  • Design Thinking – Who is the user? What is the problem?
  • Platform Thinking – Turn your capabilities into a scalable platform
  • Open Thinking – Collaboration is key to success

Read his new eBook for a simple explanation of how to achieve these vital states. With John’s help, digital transformation is three steps away.

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