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Updating the Enterprise Content Management Strategy for the Federal Workforce
por Austin Adams on 16 junio 2015
I was recently asked to submit a byline to Government Computer News, one of the top government technology trade publications, on how agencies need to think about ECM in light of the many new challenges they are facing. The experience of the federal worker is undergoing a dramatic transformation, as...
Alfresco Recognizes Top Partners in the Americas
por Alfresco Software on 16 junio 2015
SAN MATEO, Calif. – June 16, 2015 – Alfresco Software, a leading provider of modern Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) software, honored its top industry partners in the Americas annual Partner Day event. Alfresco is pleased to have over 200 partner companies...
Alfresco Wins Omega NorthFace ScoreBoard Award for Outstanding Customer Service
por Andrea Lagan on 6 junio 2015
At Alfresco, we love to tell prospects, customers, analysts, prospective employees, anyone really, about how we are a company of more than 375 (and counting) employees who truly want to deliver great experiences to our customers and partners. We can talk about this with confidence because there is...
4 Ways to Keep Enterprise Content Management Systems Relevant
por GCN on 5 junio 2015
This byline resulted from proactive pitching. It is focused on the massive transformation the federal sector is currently experiencing. Austin Adams provides four primary goals IT managers need to focus on in order to meet the needs of both federal workers and compliance mandates.
Alfresco Brings BPM, ECM Closer Together
por CMSWire on 5 junio 2015
This article resulted from an interview with Paul Hampton following the May 18 press release. It positions the enhancements as a step towards bridging the gap between ECM and BPM.
Alfresco Updates Activiti, Rolls Out New Modules for Alfresco One
por ierceContentManagement on 5 junio 2015
This article is the result of pitching the May 18 press release announcing Alfresco’s update to Activiti and new Alfresco One modules. The article provides a look into the various updates and the benefits they provide to companies.
Austin Adams Recognition Plaque
por Silicon Valley Business Journal on 5 junio 2015
This is a brief announcement, based on proactive pitching, recognizing the addition of Austin Adams to the Alfresco Team. It outlines his position, title, and his ongoing duties and responsibilities.