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GCN - Overcoming information governance inertia

Making information governance a high priority in the enterprise is a tall order. It is fair to say that perceptions around IG and its predecessor, document management, are that of back-office IT functions that reside “out of sight and out of mind” in a faraway data center. 

Information Management - How organizations can best embrace digital reinvention

While many would argue that digital transformation is au courant, today’s business environment is moving so fast that transformation has become somewhat old news. And while many legacy companies around the globe continue to grapple with “transforming” their digital ecosystems, the true leaders are...

KMWorld - Trend-Setting Products of 2018

Alfresco was included in KMWorld’s 2018 list of Trend-Setting Products that not only features emergent software directed toward human-like functionality but also more traditional offerings impressively refined. It encompasses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cognitive computing and...

IT ProPortal - How case management technologies can improve customer service

With customer satisfaction levels falling in the UK, how can case management technologies help organisations not only to improve customer service but also to support regulatory compliance? Raphaël Allègre, Senior Product Manager for Alfresco Software, outlines the benefits of case management...

Document Manager - Experience counts

George Parapadakis, Alfresco's Director of Business Solutions Strategy, shares lessons learnt from over 25 years in Information Management