Daeja ViewONE Pro

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Daeja ViewONE Pro
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4.0, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0

ViewONE Pro is a completely modularized – the first zero-installation Module-On-Demand™ viewer, specifically designed to take advantage of web technology so that you can view, zoom, magnify, scroll, pan, rotate, flip and print a variety of image document formats easily and quickly. ViewONE Pro allows a range of modules to be added that provide additional format support or added functionality. ViewONE Pro’s innovative Advanced Cache Manager™ (ACM) protects ViewONE Pro and the modules from accidental or automated session-end cache clearance. The ACM only downloads additional modules to its cache when they are actually first needed, not as part of the initial download, which reduces user wait times to a minimum.

Unlike other Java applets, ViewONE Pro is fully extendable, allowing you to add support for additional formats, or add new functions and features as your needs grow, still without any user installation required. Only ViewONE Pro can create its own cache folder, holding the viewer in a decompressed format. This delivers a substantially-improved startup time, and enables the applet to be stored securely even when using HTTPS connections with browser cache clearance. Modules include:

PDF Module – adds the ability to view existing PDF files using Adobe’s own PDF library, without the need for a separate viewer. View existing PDF annotations written within Acrobat, and use ViewONE’s own Annotations Module facility to create additional mark-ups. PDF files are also completely searchable.

Annotations Module – providing extensive annotations/markup capability, including highlights, text box, notes, redactions, among others. In addition, flexible hyperlinks can be created for page-to-page, annotation-to-annotation, document-to-web page and click-to-JavaScript linking.

Office Module – adds viewing support for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook (.msg), and .eml formats.

Universal Viewing Module – adds viewing support for over 300 file formats including Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Visio, etc.

Document Streaming Server Module – splits multipage TIFF and PDF documents on the fly for significantly improved document browsing speed – split pages can also be cached and configured to load pages ahead or back based on user requirements.

Permanent Redactions Server Module – allows ‘burning’ of annotations and redactions on any viewing format by creating a new file output as a TIFF image or in some cases a searchable PDF.

Print Accelerator Module for high performance printing for all MS Windows users (95, 98, NT, 2000, XP & Vista).

Auto-language sensing – built-in support for 27 languages, enabling truly global usage.

ViewONE Pro requires only one license per web site (no end user licensing) to keep license costs low.

ViewONE Pro is the first java applet image viewer to be extendable on the fly with additional modules without user installation, offering support for additional file formats (PDF Module, Office Module, Universal Viewing Module), and for additional viewer functionality (Annotations Module, Permanent Redaction Server Module, Document Streaming Server Module and the Print Accelerator Module). No user installation – easy server integration followed by automatic rollout and updates to users; No end user licensing – low-cost server-based licensing scheme; Support for 27 different languages with automatic sensing; Low pricing for fast ROI!

Java 1.4.2_04 or above
Browsers that support Java including Internet Explorer 6+ (Windows), Firefox 2+ (Windows & Mac 10.4.x), and Safari 2.x (Mac 10.4.x)
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Version 3
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