Formtek Security Extension

Solution Name: 
Formtek Security Extension
Works with Alfresco: 
4.0, 3.4

When an organization uses a single ECM system to manage information throughout the enterprise, the ability to effectively administer the access privileges of a large number of users in different groups is critical.

The Formtek Security Extension offers more flexible security capabilities in addition to those available with standard Alfresco® Share by allowing file and folder access control on per-user and/or per-group basis. That is, specific users can be allowed access to only certain files and/or folders. The level of security provided by the Extension allows system administrators to protect valuable content while still providing for the access needs of diverse groups throughout the enterprise.

  • Provides more granular permissions that enable you to assign specific users and/or groups to a file or folder for more flexible security
  • Propagates folder permissions to its subfolders, but allows these permissions to be overridden per subfolder
  • On installation, creates a new SITE_PUBLIC group to support the assignment of more granular file/folder permissions
  • By default, adds newly created users to the SITE_PUBLIC group, but allows you to override this assignment as needed
  • Assigns the SITE_PUBLIC group instead of the Everyone group to newly created sites
  • Installs via a JAR file and includes an installer and an uninstaller
Server running Linux or Windows operating system
Licensing Model: 
Chargeable. Both Subscription and Perpetual pricing available.
Version History: 
Support Option: 
Full support, including ongoing product maintenance and updates, provided by Formtek
Support Contact(s): 

Victor Malespina (sales) +1 904 829 9251

Ed Kay (services) +1 404 408 8151