Document Management for Prosecutors

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Document Management for Prosecutors
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5.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.0, 3.4, 3.3

The DM Solution for Prosecutors provides prosecutors and their staff with the ability to easily capture paper, faxes and e-mails in either a centralized model or a decentralized model. Utilizing the MSI Profiler, users can control what documents are processed by the capture stations (Intake, Discovery, etc,) or by the type of case (Misdemeanor, Felony, etc.). The case information and required people are then associated with the document as well as the Document Type (Motion/Order) and Sub Type (Medical Records) for the document. The MSI Profiler also allows the user to notify selected users that a document has arrived, e-mail the document to external recipients and “tighten” security on a document. Audio files (911 Calls) and video files (Traffic Stops) are also processed through the MSI Profiler.

The Bulk Import module enables the user to import large volumes of photos (Accident, Crime Scene, etc.) as well as documents (Medical Reports, Cell Phone Bills, etc.) and attach the same properties to all these documents at one time.

Assembling discovery packages is accomplished through a robust and intuitive interface. Built in rules ensure only documents marked for discovery are included in Discovery Packages. The appropriate Bates stamp is automatically placed in the footer. Additional renditions of the discovery package, such as Defense and Defense Pro-Per copies can be automatically created.

The search capabilities will allow the user to locate any documents associated with either a person or case via document properties or full text. The search capabilities also allow the user to identify documents that have not been included in a discovery package or produce a list of document that are included in a selected discovery package.

The Case Document Viewer provides the user with the ability to access all the documents for a particular case from their existing Case Management Solution. This interface can also be accessed from the DM Solution for Prosecutors main menu.

  • Streamlined Document Intake
  • Discovery Builder
  • Bulk Importer
  • Case Document Viewer
  • Document and Discovery Search
System / Additional Requirements: 
The Document Capture environment will require additional software and hardware.
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Priced base on implementation
Version History: 
DM for Prosecutors 3.0.10
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Mitch Gabor,
+1 973 625 7721