Fresh Workflow

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Fresh Workflow
Works with Alfresco: 
4.0, 3.4, 3.3

Fresh Workflow uses best practices and open source Alfresco Enterprise Content Management technology to provide users a highly scalable document repository and rules-based workflow engine at a fraction of the costs of tradition solutions. Fresh Workflow uses open standards for integration with back-end systems and extracts valuable metadata making documents easily searched.

Understanding that business process and workflows can change quickly or can vary, Zia designed the workflow engine to be flexible without creating a burden on the organization. With Fresh Workflow, users have the ability to hand off one workflow to another, such as an RFP workflow to a Contract workflow.

Fresh Workflow includes a dashboard that highlights individual tasks, workflows, assigned users, start / completion dates and other process outcomes. Managers can use the dashboard to ensure that all documents are moving efficiently through a business process. Built i n electronic signatures provide authentication controls that ensure each signature matches the user.

  • Pre-packaged workflows for RFP, expenditure and revenue contracts
  • Connected Workflow structure allows users to hand off one workflow to another
  • Access control defined by group, user and role
  • Rules-driven task assignment automatically assigns reviewer, approver, administrator and attorney tasks based on configuration
  • User dashboard provides a real-time view of all current workflows in process, highlighting workflows and specific tasks
Alfresco Supported Stack
Licensing Model: 
1. Fresh Workflow Module- $7,500, 2. VMWare image that can be deployed into Client’s environment – $8,500. Other services may be required to support installation and maintenance and will be available on a time and material basis. Alfresco Subscription Separate.
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Supported by Solution Provider
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