Sollan VCM

Solution Name: 
Sollan VCM
Alfresco Content Services: 
4.0, 3.4

Users save time when they are able to access the files they want quickly and rapidly:

  • Access rights are defined and based on user profile.
  • Media indexing is specific to your production environment.
  • Thumbnails and online preview tools make it easier to pre-select the appropriate files.

Your media files become effective working and communication tools to spread relevant and comprehensive information:

  • Access a specific point in your document directly by creating chapters in your video and audio files.
  • Link media files to other documents (e.g. text, html, office software documents).
  • Create new resources using an image extraction software.
  • Generate Rich Media applications and slideshows easily.
  • Use data overlay watermarks or annotations to customize your videos.
  • Manage subtitles in videos, images, diagrams and drawings.

Win your audience over with high-performance viewing tools:

  • You can publish content on secure VCM® media servers as well as on public servers.
  • FLV, F4V, MP4 and MP3 formats are streamed using VCM® media servers.
  • Your GUI is easily integrated in players (skins).
  • Your information is retrieved by full text search engines.
  • Representative thumbnails are generated for chapter segmentation and navigation.

Harness the power of Web 2.0 to broadcast your media:

  • Publish non-confidential media easily on public servers such YouTube® and DailyMotion®.
  • Share digital assets on social networks.
  • Diffuse content on mobile phones.
  • Create content for Web TV and manage special-interest channels.

Additional modules:

  • VCM Secured Uploader : for the secure transfer of large files (http protocol, resuming interrupted transfers, dashboard monitoring).
  • VCM Transcoder : for transcoding all types of documents (image, audio, video and office software files), specific processing (OCR processing, watermarking, data overlay, etc.)
  • VCM Mediacast Connectors : connectors specifically adapted to managing content diffusion on public Internet channels.
  • VCM WebTV : ready-to-use portal for broadcasting audiovisual resources such as special-interest channels, full text search or the media annotation system.


  • Classify, share and manage all digital documents and media in Alfresco
  • Annotation, chaptering and image extraction
  • Transcoding and secure transfer of large files via the http protocol
  • Publish content on secure VCM® media servers or public servers
  • Automatically publish Web TV portals
System / Additional Requirements: 
Servers: Windows 2003, 2008 Server or Linux
Client: Web browser from IE 6
Requires Additional Server Software Install
Licensing Model: 
Pricing by CPU/year. For more information, please contact us.
Version History: 
VCM 4.1 (works with Alfresco Enterprise 3.4). VCM 5.0 (July 2012, works with Alfresco Enterprise 4.0)
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