Each year millions of dollars are spent to acquire and utilize assets such as images, multimedia and text that have specific copyright, rights and permissions associated with them. Keeping track of these rights, permissions is often still done via spreadsheets or other document types. This requires manual updates, is frequently inaccurate and is difficult to generate reports from. This webinar will demonstrate how through the use of Alfresco and additional technologies and standards, you can manage the rights and permissions of assets through the complete content development lifecycle – from acquisition to distribution..

This webinar will cover:

·    Application of rights and permission to an asset

·    Tracking of the asset through a workflow and its lifecycle

·    Providing the necessary rights and permission information to a potential user of the asset

·    Ability to generate reports to support / prove that rights and permissions are being adhered to

·    Pass the asset rights and permissions to the product that it is being used in

Webinar is at 1:00PM EST. To learn more about Flatirons Solutions, go to www.flatironssolutions.com.