Creating engaging and content-rich websites is mandatory in today’s fast paced Web driven world. New websites often need to be created quickly to satisfy a variety of business needs – new product launches, events, marketing campaigns, and more. The process should to be hassle free, intuitive and user-friendly for content authors and publishers.

Crafter Rivet, the award-winning Web experience management application built on Alfresco, provides business users with a powerful toolset for easily building rich websites. Join Rivet Logic for this webinar as we build and launch a new website from scratch in 30 minutes, and learn about:

· How to easily and quickly create page templates, content models, authoring forms, and dynamic websites
· Easy to use WYSIWYG content development and publishing
· In-context preview for the Web as well as for mobile devices

The format for this webinar is "no slides, just demo". We will dive right into the 30 minute demo for this webinar, and then open it up for Q&A.