Sharepoint is a very flexible application - because of this deployments get out of hand. Site sprawl, integration, indexing files, locating documents are all issues that keep customers tied to this solution. SourceSeekers is helping SharePoint customers unlock information hidden away. The value is clear:

  • Cost. Alfresco delivers more features at less cost.
  • Technology. SharePoint has limited workflow and content management capabilities
  • Content sprawl. SharePoint implementations grow and expand without options to control and manage
  • Management based on analytics. Alfresco solution provides dashboards for better decision making
  • Search. Alfresco provides a platform where you can find the content you need with a scalable solution.

And you will also get new tools and capabilities that you don't have access to in SharePoint today like information governance with records management plus reporting and dashboards for executive oversight. For customers looking to work with content in the cloud, they can use Alfresco where metadata and content history is not lost as it is moved to the cloud. Attend the webinar to find out more.