Crafter CMS builds on Alfresco's powerful content platform to deliver the next generation web publishing platform. Zaizi is excited to be partnering with Crafter Software as it enables us to combine our expertise in semantic web technologies to build a dynamic semantic publishing platform. Built on best of breed open source software such as Apache Solr, Apache Stanbol and MongoDB, the platform is cloud-ready and Big Data capable. 

Join Zaizi and Crafter Software on this webinar to learn how:

  • Crafter CMS solution can help you and your organisation be more innovative and responsive, to create effective content and to engage your audiences with dynamic, personalised content.
  • How Zaizi's RedLink Semantic Platform can be used with Crafter CMS to build a Dynamic Semantic Publishing platform.
  • How publishing and media companies can build publishing platforms like BBC and Press Association at the fraction of the cost. 
  • Why Dynamic Semantic Publishing platforms are the future of web publishing.