Paper based processes like customer acquisition is an expensive process. In the current economic and regulatory climate the financial services industry is facing up to a number of pressures. Many financial services companies are struggling to deal with issues like:

  • Managing paper based processes whilst ensuring Legal Compliance 
  • Making good, well informed decisions without spiraling costs 
  • On-boarding with new customers without breaching security and compliance checks

This combination of Business based pressures and IT worries extends to all reaches of the corporation. In this webinar we show:

  • How customer acquisition can be streamlined by using Alfresco Workdesk
  • Case Management (Ex: Claims Processing)
  • How you can Involve people, documents and claim-process steps in simple workflows to speed up work.
  • Bring information to one centralised virtual location, and store metadata to make searching of your content easier and faster with a few clicks!

Join us on this webinar to see how this solution built on Alfresco Workdesk might be right for your organisation.