The legacy of ECM systems is one of complexity, both for implementers and users alike, which is why for most organizations email applications and shared drives are still the dominent form of "content management" and why many ECM technologies are best known as "shelfware". But there is an alternative, offering users a content management system that works the way they do today without the need for changes in business process or the use of multiple disperate applications to solve business problems.

Join Alfresco Partner of the Year, Zia Consulting to learn how we are providing enterprises with Easy ECM business solutions built on Alfresco. We will cover areas such as:

  • Working in Microsoft Office with Alfresco Office Workdesk
  • Email Integration for Microsoft Outlook and hosted email
  • Simple Contract Automation with Alfresco Workdesk
  • In-Process Capture within Alfresco providing "Extraction as a Service"
  • ECM Anywhere with On-Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid
  • ECM on Anything with Alfresco Mobile and Mobile Workdesk

In the webinar we will present a number of case studies covering both vertically targeted solutions as well as "horizontal" use cases recommended for virtually any enterprise or government organization.