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Case management just got better with Alfresco Workdesk

Customer cases around loan origination and claims processing is loosely structured and highly document centric, making your routine tasks complex. In the current economic and regulatory climate the financial services industry is facing up to a number of pressures, with customers being priority, content needs to be processed fast and efficiently at your fingertips. Should it be online or offline, our case management solution is integrated with MS Office and other desktop apps to help you improve competences to serve your customers better.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Streamline your case management approach to better focus on your customers.
  • Quickly access documents and tasks in one single case file.
  • Improve approval time by speeding up case processing with assigned tasks.
  • Maintain one source for all your cases and files and still see a simple role-based workspace.
  • Include paper correspondence within your case processing by scanning and classifying them


  • Rainer Pausch, Director of Product Marketing, Alfresco Business Solutions, Alfresco
  • Giuseppe Malanga, Senior Alfresco Consultant, Zaizi

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