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Zia Insurance Document Automation System (IDAS) featuring Alfresco & EaaS

Across all segments of the insurance industry, companies are faced with the competing requirements of improving profitability while at the same time delivering world-class customer service.  In addition, they are trying to manage exponentially growing amounts of information coming from a wide range of sources both traditional and social.  Finally, they are forced to comply with an ever-increasing number of insurance-related regulations coming from all levels of the government, while at the same time providing critical information to the business.

Join Alfresco Partner of the Year, Zia Consulting, to learn about our experience providing document automation solutions to a wide range of organizations across the insurance industry, allowing us to create our ZiaOne Insurance Document Automation System (IDAS) delivering rapid ROI through:

  • Best-in-Class operational efficiency in document processing
  • Improved customer loyalty through enhanced customer service
  • Consistent compliance with automated data capture, workflow and archiving
  • Business insights that create action

The ZiaOne Insurance Document Automation System (IDAS) is built to work with your enterprise system, rather than the other way around, and features:

  • Automated document processing from ANY source, in ANY format
  • Intelligent Capture Technology for Classification & Extraction
  • Integration with your Insurance Management System not replacing it
  • Zia OneView for end-to-end analytics

The webinar will include specific case studies from Zia projects working with companies from both Life Insurance and also Property & Casualty Insurance. 

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