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More than just mails – A groupware integration platform for Alfresco

Email archiving and integration with Alfresco is considered an important requirement and feature in an Alfresco content and collaboration platform by many organisations. In addition to Alfresco providing IMAP and SMTP interfaces, a variety of Outlook / Notes plugins as well as Alfresco add-ons aim to make email management simple. There are a couple of significant issues that most of the existing solutions bring with them:

  • They disregard most if not all of the other important assets in a groupware system: calendar entries, tasks and contacts.
  • They only work with one specific type of groupware or protocol.
  • They require rollouts of client-side plugins or components with all the potential problems and conflicts of a heterogeneous IT environment.

In this webinar we will introduce NABUCCO Groupware for Alfresco, an groupware integration platform and suite of add-ons for the Alfresco repository and Share client. With out-of-the-box support for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino the extensible integration platform allows pluggable support for any remotely accessible groupware system. This webinar will contain a live demonstration of the capabilities included in the first Community Edition release of NABUCCO Groupware for Alfresco and an overview of the general feature roadmap for future releases and an Enterprise Edition.

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