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Future of Publishing

3 Strategies for Driving Publishing Revenues

Ixxus transforms traditional “product-led” publishing into agile, content-centric processes that increase efficiency and open up new streams of revenue.

In this webinar, you will learn the Top 3 Strategies that our customers such as PearsonDorling Kindersley and Oxford University Press are using to drive new revenues and reduce costs through streamlined workflows.

  1. Agile New Product Development
    Your customer's needs are constantly evolving and keeping up is getting harder. By having all of your XML-enriched content stored in one location, you can quickly create new products ahead of your competition.
  2. Create New Revenues from Old Content
    Your most valuable asset is your unique, quality content. Maximise its value and boost your revenues by making it more discoverable and easier to re-use, re-purpose and mash-up into innovative new products.
  3. Speed Time to Market by Authoring Once, Publishing Everywhere
    Instead of painstakingly reformatting your PDFs for every channel - web, eBooks, apps - author just once and publish to all formats at the same time using one centralised system. Reduce your outsourced costs, simplify your operations and get to market faster at the same time. 

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