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Tech Talk Live 79: The Mavenized Alfresco SDK 2.0

Alfresco 5.x features a fully Mavenized build system. This is the result of community efforts that include an updated SDK with examples to guide new developers.

In this tech talk live, Gabriele, Maurizio and Ole will show a preview of the Alfresco SDK 2.0. The new SDK uses Maven to rapidly set up a development environment, and introduces a seamless IDE integration with Eclipse and IDEA. It features development aids such as hot reloading of Java classes, webscripts, and web resources using spring-loaded. The result is an unprecedented rapid application development experience for Alfresco extension developers, as can be seen in this video.

We will also discuss features of the SDK that we hope to release as part of our session at Alfresco Summit, such as the new RM archetype. We plan to have lots of additional goodies to make Alfresco development even more fun and easy!

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