Sales people don't manage documents. Alfresco does.

Today, many sales teams share their documents via email, resulting in critical paperwork piling up in everyone’s inboxes, confusion on versions, and lack of a single view on where paperwork is in the process. This results in deals taking longer, more mistakes and deals slipping ultimately affecting your bottom line.

Alfresco’s Salesforce Connector solves your content pain by applying powerful search, workflow and collaboration to your Salesforce documents, streamlining your sales processes to close more deals faster.

Our Solution

Alfresco enables you to manage your Salesforce documents' entire lifecycle from creation to completion, ensuring they stay secure and compliant throughout the process.

salesforce integration

  1. Allow your sales team to upload documents to Alfresco directly from Salesforce. No need to re-train your team to learn a new application.
  2. Automate your document processes using Alfresco’s powerful folder rules and workflow capabilities.
  3. Collaborate and easily share your Salesforce documents. Invite customers to review contract changes directly during negotiation for faster turnaround times to close deals.
  4. Enable compliance on your documents via our Records Management module to ensure documents are locked and archived for future reference once signed off.
  5. Archive your Salesforce content and make it fully searchable outside Salesforce via Alfresco. Allow users to search documents based on the Salesforce record data as well as the text inside the document itself.

Key Benefits

  1. Allow your sales team to continue working in Salesforce without having to re-train them to use another application
  2. Make your content searchable and actionable outside of Salesforce
  3. Accelerate your deal cycles by applying automation, workflows and collaboration to your Salesforce content
  4. Ensure you’re legally compliant once your documents are signed off and stored in Alfresco