Alfresco Records Management

Strengthen Compliance

Alfresco Records Management brings an unmatched combination of simplicity and control to information governance. The solution strengthens compliance by integrating records management into the natural flow of business and automating the complete record lifecycle‚ from capture through retention to final destruction. Leading organizations in government, financial services, healthcare, and other highly regulated sectors use Alfresco to achieve information governance that's compliant, efficient, and auditable.

The Benefits of Alfresco Records Management
Alfresco One with Records Management has significant benefits:

  • Improved End User Adoption - Alfresco fits the way people work and hides the complexities of records management to accelerate user buy-in
  • Increased Content Coverage - An integrated content and records repository with automated record declaration reduces the risk of unmanaged information
  • More Control - Automated, rules-based records declaration makes it easy to consistently apply information governance policies
  • Greater Efficiency - Powerful tools to file, find, review, and audit records save time and reduce administrative overhead