Is your content business-critical? It's time you took a look at Alfresco.

Every day, leading companies and governments in 180 countries around the world are using Alfresco to streamline document-intensive business processes and enable secure collaboration - behind the firewall, in the cloud and even on their mobile devices. And they are doing it with our open source enterprise content management solutions at 1/2 the cost and in 1/2 the time of legacy, proprietary ECM vendors.

What the analysts are saying

Learn why leading analyst firms like Gartner, Forrester & 451 Research consistently give Alfresco One high marks for innovation, openness and value.

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What Alfresco One customers are saying

Learn how Alfresco One customers are increasing their business agility by transforming their content-centric business processes... and saving time and money in the process.

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How companies are using Alfresco One

From high-throughput transactional document management to simple cloud file sharing, Alfresco is solving real business problems every day.

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Alfresco shines in information-intensive industries

Learn how Alfresco One is being used effectively in banking & insurance, governments and other information-intensive industries around the world.

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The Alfresco difference is open.

Founded in 2005 by ECM veterans, Alfresco realized that a new, open approach to ECM was required to deliver both business agility and value. No SharePoint alternative or collaboration tool on the market excelled in both. Like Red Hat, JBoss & MySQL before it, Alfresco’s open approach to enterprise content management delivers:

  • Performance

    Alfresco's largest customers manage over 100,000,000 files in a single Alfresco instance, with over 100,000 users accessing content.

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  • Flexibility

    Alfresco has pioneered a lightweight, hybrid deployment model that can support on-premise, private cloud, public cloud & mobile use cases.

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  • Integration

    Unmatched support for open standards, open data models and open integration points allows Alfresco’s open source enterprise content management platform to integrate with any enterprise or cloud systems.

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  • Value... and time-to-value

    Alfresco's commercial open source enterprise content management subscription model delivers business agility at 1/2 the cost and in 1/2 the time of any legacy, proprietary ECM vendor or SharePoint alternative.

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Alfresco benefits everyone.

Users get to:

Work anywhere, with anyone on any device, with their favorite content apps in a company-approved way; share files, access documents online & collaborate without friction.

IT gets to:

Help users become truly productive by providing a secure extranet that can be accessed via the web, on tablets & smartphones; manage risk and security, and drive their own cloud strategy.

Developers get to:

Target one standards-based API for building content apps for mobile, web or enterprise.

Companies get to:

Save money, increase employee productivity, automate processes, drive efficiency and manage risk.

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