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AWS re:Invent 2018

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Alfresco has been an AWS Advanced Technology partner since 2012 and in these last 6 years we have been working closely together on developing a next-generation platform so our joint customers can manage documents, improve processes while maintaining governance, all with the agility and flexibility of the cloud. 

We are very excited to showcase our new mortgage application processing demo that leverages Alfresco’s Digital Business Platform along with 30+ AWS technologies. Stop by Quad Expo booth #330 so see it in action.

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Our Demo

Stop by The Quad at the ARIA booth #330 to see how using the power of open source with AWS services will let you develop the impossible.


Scenario:  We will be simulating a customer and banker user experience and interaction in this demo.  The customer walks into a bank for assistance with mortgage loan application. The AWS Deep Lens captures the video feed, then Facial and emotion analysis performed with Rekognition. The video is stored in S3, image metadata in DynamoDB as well as transcoded by Elemental and stored in ACS.  The Banker is notified by text that the customer has arrived.  A greeting is sent through Polly and Alexa. The customer responds to Alexa in Spanish. The Spanish audio file is stored in S3/Alfresco  and associated to the customer’s case. The banker types response to customer in English. English response is translated to Spanish with Translate. Spanish text file is sent through Polly for audio response from banker to customer. The Mortgage application ingested in Alfresco. Kinesis firehose filters the data, stores it in S3. Lambda function triggered for Translate to translate application. Comprehend performs natural language processing. Separate Kinesis stream delivers analyzed data to separate S3 bucket. Macie recognizes PII, classifies and protects data. APS starts mortgage approval process with the physical content that will be attached to the case. All of these interactions with AWS are connected by APS. 


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Stop by Our Booth

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