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Digital Transformation for Insurance Seminar


As the digital age has transformed customer interaction, insurance companies are struggling to effectively handle modern, digital forms of documentation including:

  • email
  • photos
  • video
  • constantly changing regulatory forms
  • phone/voice

Legacy platforms are limited in their ability to efficiently and cost-effectively handle these new processing and document requirements.

TSG, Claimwire and Alfresco have been helping clients in the insurance industry by developing modern platforms and solutions for claims document management. This session will be present and share thoughts on how clients are developing modern digital claim solutions with TSG, Alfresco and Claimwire products.

Session will include the introduction of Claimwire Forms, a new SaaS solution for intelligent regulatory forms compliance for all 50 states. The briefing will share both current efforts as well as how technology disruption is shaping the future of digital claims solutions for the Insurance Industry.

The event will include lunch.


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