Cairns, Australia
30 June 2014 - 2 July 2014

The Moodlemoot AU program represents engaging opportunities for all audiences from K12, Higher Education, VET, Government and Corporate. It doesn't matter which sector you are from, there is always going to be a Moodle insight relevant for you and refreshing interaction with people from other industry sectors.

At Moodlemoot AU you can choose from a variety of sessions that will inform, teach and inspire:

  • Masterclasses - dedicated in-depth full day sessions facilitated by Moodle experts

  • Presentations - engaging panel discussions and interactive presentations that showcase Moodle success stories, plug-ins and developments, plus much more

  • Demonstrations - find out how Moodle is being used in different settings in different ways

  • Workshops - hands on practical and participative sessions with limited group numbers.

Each year the conference has continued to grow in size and prominence, last year the conference attracted 485 delegates who travelled from all over Australia, Asia Pacific, the US and the UK. At Moodlemoot, our main aim is to bring together the Moodle community to share, collaborate and exchange ideas and experiences. So don't miss out on your chance to attend.