PCWeek in Russia is organizing another leading Enterprise Content Summit.  The theme of this years summit: "Improving the efficiency and accelerate ROI in SED / ECM solutions in business and government."

In recent years we have seen a growing trend of enterprise content management (ECM) and electronic document management systems (DMS) in the domestic business and government organizations. This trend reflects the growing role of this area of ​​information technology to improve the efficiency of the modern enterprise.

As practice shows, modern ECM tools, enable organizations to move from working only with traditional instruments to working with any information, including unstructured, are becoming more widely used in Russia. In this case, we see a growing awareness of the need to integrate these systems with "related" corporate IS responsible for the registration and management of enterprise resources (ERP), training and management decisions (Business Intelligence), Business Process Management (BPM), and others.

Main discussion topics during this conference:

  • expansion of scopes of EDS, their optimization, integration with corporate IP acceleration of return on investment;
  • application of ECM solutions as a tool for improving the efficiency of the modern organization;
  • modern methods of collecting and processing information (big data, mobility, cloud computing, enterprise social networking);
  • infrastructure and legal aspects of legally significant document.

Come and join Alfresco at this event. Listen to our keynote speech on how we Alfresco can help enable the above.