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7 Reasons Why Crafter and Alfresco Should Be Your Next Web CMS Solution

The evolution of the Web over the years has deeply immersed us into a new era of engagement, and enterprises are striving to achieve higher levels of customer engagement across all of their online channels. Selecting the right Web CMS to build your solution upon is critical to online success. Now more than ever, your next Web CMS must enable you to fully manage and optimize the total Web experience of your target audience across multiple digital channels.

Crafter CMS is an award-winning Web content management solution built on the Alfresco platform. Join this webinar with Crafter Software and Alfresco and learn:

  • The 7 most important considerations when choosing your next enterprise Web CMS
  • How to build and optimize Web experiences across multiple channels
  • Why a highly modular system is crucial for success
  • See a live demo how Crafter and Alfresco meet the requirements for next generation enterprise WCM

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